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July 20, 2006



Amazing - I wonder if the Tories and Labour have differed on foreign policy (other than Europe) once since 1997.

Dave Hill

I don't know, Mo, but I have read and heard the odd observation that the Conservative line on Hizbollah-Israel situation has been marginally more doveish than Labour's. And it does seem rather telling that Labour can't quite bring itself to explicitly call for a ceasefire. You should have heard one of their junior ministers squirming away from it on the Five Live phone-in last night. All adds cred. to the Guardian's front page piece about Bush nodding and winking to Israel that another week of bombing would be OK with him. And, of course, where George leads, Tony follows. I keep out of Middle East quarrels. But, you know, what a mess.


Mmmm. Condi does seem to be taking an awfully long time to get there doesn't she.

This whole mess is just another example of hardliners bolstering each other at the expense of the moderates.

Thinking about it in broad terms (and out loud). A lasting negotiated settlement between the Palestinians and the Israelis would profoundly effect Middle-Eastern politics. As many of those in power benefit from the status quo a lasting peace would not be in their interests. Whilst I don't believe this is any sort of a conspiracy I think it does go some way towards explaining the perpetual undermining of those who are prepared to even consider the compromises necessary for any peace to be possible.

However, what I don't understand is why America and the UK don't do more to try and end this. A lasting peace would benefit America and further its strategic goals to a massive extent. It alone has the power to force a compromise yet for some reason it chooses not to use it. I have never really understood or heard convincing reasons as to why.

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