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July 19, 2006



I guess it depends on how he intends to deter young people from crime.

My instictive reaction is that his religious views have nothing to do with anything. If he is not trying to convert people to his particular brand of christianity then, as a former gang leader, he may have the credibility, to have a beneficial effect. Nobody is perfect.


Missionaries. More trouble than the value of whatever it is they bring to trade.


From Hackney Gazette Website
"American evangelist and former gangster Nicky Cruz has sensationally been banned from appearing at Ocean music venue next week.

Hackney Council, which owns the venue, had come under pressure to cancel the performances after the Gazette revealed the minister said homosexuality was a "sexual perversion" and an "evil practise."

He was due to appear at Ocean on Thursday, July 27, and Friday, July 28, alongside his TRUCE outreach team."


Leroy Logan - certainly did spot the TRUCE and Nicky Cruz fiasco - he's an evangelical christian himself - his partnership work consists of bringing about the 'Urban Trinity'- council, church and cops.
His role in this scary bible-belt disaster has clearly made his position untenable.

Dave Hill

Thanks gazza and jono. You're more up to speed with this than I have been. I'll be posting on this subject again either later today or tomorrow.


It seems absolutely crazy that Hackney Council have decided to ban Nicky Cruz from appearing at these TRUCE events. Their campaign throughout July has been phenominally successful in encouraging young people who are stuck in a cycle of gangs, drugs and crime to make positive life decisions.

When did Hackney Council ever do anything so successful with this category of young people? The TRUCE team are doing a good thing in their borough - for free - so let them get on with it!


Jonny - It's not crazy - it's the law. The Ocean is a public building. Nicky Cruz is a homophobe, he has publicly stated this. And they're not doing it for free Jonny - they've been awarded public funding distributed by the Metropolitan Police. (2 members of the TRUCE lead team are enagelical christians and police officers - Leroy Logan and Peter Jordan). Hackney and Waltham Forest are the beginning, they want the thing to go nationwide.
If you are from the XL Youth Group in Wisconsin - then i'm not sure why you're so sure the project has been "phenominally successful". Maybe it's because Peter Jordan project director of TRUCE has just posted a missive on the TRUCE website calling for the Christian community to get the gig reinstated.
http://www.trucelondon.co.uk/ see 'Recent Developments'
It includes this sentence - "We are not asking for people to comment or debate the "homophobic issues," as this would just add fuel to the fire, rather the importance of the event happening,"

Not suprising really, given their actualviews on homosexuality. I have attended several TRUCE gigs, at each one I have been informed by either TRUCE members or 'street pastors' that 'what you do with another man is a sin'.
What's your opinion on this Jonny. By the way, at each gif there are 30 + TRUCE supportes bussed in to swell the ranks. The figure of over 1000 young people attending is miles too high.
The TRUCE missive also quotes Bishop Wayne Malcolm. I've found another quote from Bishop Wayne.
"In some black churches too there is scepticism about evolution. Bishop Wayne Malcolm, leader of the Christian Life City church in Hackney, east London, disputes the scientific evidence for evolution. "There is clearly an absence in the fossil record for intermediate levels of development. If a frog turned into a monkey, shouldn't you have lots of fronkies?"

So, homophobic creationists have been banned from giving public services in Hackney. That makes sense.


Apologies for bad spelling - and probably apologies to Jonny for thinking he was from Wisconsin. I'm presuming it's Woodford, Essex.


this is an outrage how dare they attack Nicky after all his down for the youth in the name of Christ Jesus.


Have any of these homosexuals actually read any of his books. The guy is amazing and has saved many many people from drugs, guns, gangs and poverty. He as a man of God has the right to express his feelings in anyway he pleases. His not attacking the individual gays his attacking the SIN of homosexualality, which indeed is a sin as it goes against Gods creation.

kairu samuel

praise God brothers and sisters.
I have question for you,what problems do you face as crusaders?.i wait to hear from you,stay blessed.


Doesn't Cruz have the right for his own opinion about gays just as gays have the right for an opinion about him? I'm asking this because in a western world we have the freedom of speech. Sure, as a woman I'm offended by chauvinists but as long as they don't preach people to be violent against women , shouldn't they be able to say their opinion. It' dangerous when a small part of the population can determine all others wrong by their opinion. That is not democracy, that's tyrany.

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