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August 14, 2006



Norm, interesting post, in particular the bit about attending cricket, which I've blogged about quite a few times myself. I've noticed even a few heretics stirring up trouble at Lords recently, though they're a tiny minority, not in the same league as other cricketing grounds let alone the football oiks. God save us from the ICC, who use them as an excuse to stop the rest of us taking our own alcohol into the ground. What a false idea - the oiks will still get drunk, they'll just get into a bad mood about it from having to queue for hours to buy overpriced ale. Meanwhile the rest of us will get our fingers burned in the champagne tent. A curse on their Dubai-based ivory tower, say I. Besides, if they have it their way we'll have nothing but 20/20, and there won't even be enough time to sniff the wine let alone consume it.


Fantastic. I totally agree with you on most of the things here, apart from that I am in Bristol and find people in the south very kind and gentle and don't care much about any ball games. And I like open space and higher sky. That makes me feel the world is bigger.


Best one yet. True to place and yet universal.

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