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August 21, 2006


Martin McCallion

Nothing irate from me. You understand the difference and deliberately use the wrong term for effect. I'm fine with good-natured mocking (a very _British_ trait, of course, self-depracating humour).

What gets me is people who just unthinkingly get it wrong.

Nice piece, by the way.

Dave Hill

Did either of you read Roy Hattersley's piece on Scots in yesterday's Guardian? Here it is:


Yes, I saw Hattersley's piece and I thought it was pretty fair. But I think there are two sides to the coin here. First, yes, I agree that Scotland's achievements leave it with little it needs to prove. But it also still rankles with many north of the border that many in England still don't have a real concept of Scotland as a separate country (which, was partly my point - we mostly didn't need to). Which, I think, answers Martin's gripe - many English don't get it "unthinkingly wrong": it's more that they often, quite simply, don't have a real concept of Scotland as a dintinct nation within the Union. But now we're all starting to dwell on "England" rather than "Britain", perhaps by extension we'll begin to understand what's meant by "Scotland" (ie maybe something a little more substantial than "Scotlandshire". Or not as the case might be).

But in one respect I was right: we sure ain't discussing Englishness in this comments box so far...


I find it very hard to separate what it means to be English from what it means to be British - mainly because I couldn't tell you what a Scottish or Welsh identity involves and therefore don't know what to define Englishness against.

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