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August 08, 2006


Martin McCallion

Hi Dave, I'm really enjoying this story. Just a word of constructive criticism, though.

In this section, I can't quite work out what's supposed to be happening between the bike and the two cars. It sounds physically impossible as described.

The bike is towards the front of the sports car, as the driver can look at Sean; the other car clips the bike as it passes, the bike then hits the sports car and Sean flies off backwards, over the boot? I just can't visualise it happening like that. He'd either fly forwards, over the handlebars, possibly onto the bonnet of the sports car; or sideways into the sports car. More likely still, he'd bounce off the sports car into the opposite carriageway.

There's no force applied to make him fly backwards. All of which kind of distracts me from the story. But then, I'm a physics graduate, so I tend to think about forces and such.

Hmmm, I suppose if the two impacts slowed the bike down enough, he could be travelling backwards relative to the sports car, even though still going forward overall.

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