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August 29, 2006



Dh thinks the appointment augurs well. I can't see why, and have the same anxieties.

I found the disillusionment with Peter Reid very painful to see and hope it doesn't happen all over again.

(a very lapsed Sunderland fan).

Dave Hill

I have a buggy-pushing, home-working New Dad pal here in Deepest Hackney who's also a sports management consultant and wears a badge that reads 'Sunderland Till I Die.' Can't wait to hear what he thinks about all this. Put a gun to my head and I'd wager a small sum that it will end in tears.


He strikes me as a guy largely motivated by fear- and hence the occasional explosions...

As a admirer of his determination and pursuit of excellence in all endeavours- I have to say that I thought that he might take the time to learn the trade by finishing the coaching badges and starting, like Tony Adams, at a smaller club.

He will either have to grow up fast or have a heart attack or humilation a la Graham Souness.

Ali McNab

I remember Souness planting Galatasary's flag in the oppositions centre circle after beating them in the Istanbul derby. Sparked a riot, was nearly jailed, and his fans loved him.

I imagine if Keane tried that at Newcastle we would have a small war on our hands. Makes youwonder if this decision has been fully thought through.

That said, warriors are famous for just following orders...perhaps Niall Quinn is wiser than first appears.

dale morris

feeling a little silly now?

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