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October 07, 2006


Francis Sedgemore

What a lovely article!

Despite the pro-English folk music propaganda displayed in my Big England article, I have an ambivalent relationship with the country, and do not count myself as an English national. But I do love the country, and for many of the same reasons given by the amphibious creature above.

Especially the language. I speak a number of European languages with varying degrees of fluency, including one native to the British Isles, and which is a lot older than English - Welsh. But I love the English language most of all. Its dominance on the world stage may have a lot to do with imperialism and the power of the market, but whatever the reasons for its status, the language has grown in richness and beauty, and it never ceases to amaze me.


I'm a fan of the English language also, though not exclusively.

Unlike Ducky, though, I 'cannot foresee the circumstances' whereby I would wish to live there again. The public transport's shite, the cost of living is utter madness, and the major politicans are all scumbags of the first water.

I think I'll stick to my cheap food, cheap beer, cheap and ubiquitous public transport, and politicians who are also scumbags, but without the power to really make life unbearable in other countries.


Before everyone jumps down my throat, I'm not saying everything's awful, but the things that are awful are bad enough to keep me away.


Thanks Francis!

And let's be clear: English folk music beats German 'Schlager' or Dutch techno any given day...

But, Polish Dude, don't you miss your mum?


Doesn't beat SLavic, though. ;o)

I talk to my folks every week and they come here once a year. That's enough. We go to the UK every couple of years or so, and as soon as I reach a city I remember why I don't want to live there. And I like cities.

Martin McCallion

"Piffle!" thought Duck, while strutting through the topsy-turvy cityscape: "the lackadaisical natives could ever make a building in the shape of a helix."

Martin McCallion

Never! "... Could _never_ make a building in the shape of a helix." D'Oh!


"Ever" sounded so mysterious and poetic, though!

But you're right. The lackadaisical natives probably couldn't.

Martin McCallion

Ah, but to make it _really_ mysterious and poetic, I'd have to go for e'er:

"... could e'er make building in the shape of a helix/And then name it after a cat named Felix."

Hmm, needs some work.


And some brass instruments in the background. Plus a good tune. And then we can all sing along together:

"Piffle, thought Duck,
He was down on this luck,
Having nothing to do
But to strut through
A topsy-turvy cityscape
And to say to each Man Ape:
Could e'er make building in the shape of a helix
And then Christen it after a cat named Felix."

Needs e'er more work.


As I rubbished England upthread, I'd just like to point out there are some things I like about it. I wrote about a quintessentially English person here.

Oh. No html. Well, here:


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