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October 02, 2006


Francis Sedgemore

"...it's no longer any use just complaining about the darkies and wishing they could bring back the shilling."

This was so good I just had to post a referral blog on my own site...



yes- you do have a knack for nailing these speeches!

Francis Sedgemore

Dave - I'm now stuck with a mental image of David Cameron's small and firm buttocks, and it's all your fault.

Dave Hill

Kris: thanks.

Francis: we aim to please.

Tom Freeman

Dave, you're a keen observer of all this speechifying what our politicos have been up to lately. Have you noticed Cameron's tongue lately?

Now I don't mean that in a way that might imply intimate familiarity with your subject, it's just that as far as I can see, it does seem to be escaping his mouth more than you'd expect.

It was there on the cover of Saturday's Guardian. It popped out to the corner of his mouth repeatedly in his Andy Marr interview. And he kept licking his lips - as well as his now-familiar lip-pursing routine - during the Sunday speech.

What's with that then? Is he nervous? Is it a 'tell' that he's lying? Or am I just becoming unhealthily obsessed? At any rate, I hope I've given Francis a new mental image to enjoy...

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