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October 05, 2006


Francis Sedgemore

To be fair on the boy David, in his speech yesterday to the Tory conference, Cameron did stick his neck out when referring to marriage. After the usual platitudes about the value of family life and commitment, Cameron added that this applies also to gay and lesbian relationships, and defended Conservative support for civil partnerships. Many in the hall applauded, and some sat stony-faced.

Cameron's clearly made a start on dragging the Tory party into the 20th century, but he's got a fight on his hands, and in the end he may need to have the dissenters taken out and shot.


As a relatively new father (15-months), I too am acquainted with the utterly delightful Fifi and the Flowertots. I never could place that delightful Lancashire accent. Thanks for the info.

Fifi always reminds me of a girl from Chorley I went out with at Uni, saucy little thing she was. Problem is, I now can’t watch Fifi without remembering cheap B&B’s in Manchester.

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