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October 17, 2006



Sounds like Muslims are more welcome in Poland, the most conservatively catholic country on Earth, than in the UK, that *choke* beacon *choke* of liberalism *snort* *guffaw*.

Moral? Watch your immigration laws ;-)


Dave, thank you for these pithy articles on the veil and the blown-up multiculturalism "debate". You put into words perfectly what I've been thinking.


Dave said: "it seems to have occurred to no-one that other groups in society might also be invited to look outwards more and be encouraged to reject extremism and "voluntary apatheid"

Which other groups are you thinking of?

The Lesbian Avengers? Thy've all settled down, have kids and drink coffee at the Spence.

The IRA? They've all grown kind of old and want to make their mark in history trumping Dr paisley in bringing peace to NI.

Dave Hill

Thanks for these comments, people. Rather than respond to each (and to others on related posts below) I'm planning to write something more and hopefully fresh on all this over the next few days and will bear what you've all said in mind.

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