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October 08, 2006



Short hair and shoes one can walk in = gay.

Long hair and heels = not gay.

Looking good but declined the date = bisexual ( as in, she must be. . .)

I don't know who makes the rules, I only dress up by them.

Only half joking.

Blue Witch

Thanks for spreading the word about T£sco :)

Sue George

And thanks from me too Dave. Some interesting blogs you are reading there - not just mine! I especially liked numbers 8 and 9.

Re Littlebear's comment: I have long hair and wear shoes you can walk in (usually). Just not good at following the rules I guess.

james higham

Nice round-up and not just for obvious reasons - actually, it enables us to get round and see others. Keep it up!


Sue, your site had me laughing so hard I like to have snarfed my beverage.

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