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November 24, 2006


Noosa Lee

Thanks a lot Dave. Always great to start your day with a negative motivation.

Dave Hill

I have complete confidence in you, Noosa.


This is just so TEFL :)

james higham

Number 3 is a fine thing to see. Hope it's not a politically correct sneer, Dave.

Dave Hill

James! You should do one too! I'm sure I'm allowed eleven.

Ms Baroque

Okay, I've done mine. I got totally sidetracked on your Opal Fruits dialogue on CiF, it was riveting and, frankly, so familiar. We have a thing in my house called Mothers' Tax, based on the natural principle that if somebody physically gave birth to you, they get to have a taste of what's on your plate.


Aha. I finally understand the 9:12am crack.

But... wtf?? Did you sit around with your finger on a post button waitign for the exact stroke of 9:12am? Why 9:12am? Why did you decide on this in advance?

Hmmm, you'd think that by now I would have learnt not to try and make sense on the internet at this time on a Friday night.

I've already been roundly casdtaigetd (that says castigated, all right?) for cheating at Scrabble (I DIDN'T cheat. Tournament Scrabble players do it all the time. So there.)

Anyway, things I wouldn't do. Well, for one, I would NEVER type drunken stoned nonsense on someone else's blog in the middle of the night. Oh no.


Bored and procrastinating, I just followed the Opal Fruits link.

You have SIX KIDS?!

Fucking hell.


OK, my list is done.

How much did you pay for those opal fruits in the end?

china blue

Thanks for tagging me. I'm late to the party as always, but that's black people's time for ya ;)

Am off to do it now... :)

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