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November 21, 2006



To whom (?) Ken Edwards appealing to get his licence restored? The court or the Council?


My reason for asking is that it is crucial to know the procedure Edwards needs to follow and the test the court or the council needs to consider- and then beat it.

You don't want a guy like that getting what he wants on a technicality.

Dave Hill

Edwards is going to court to appeal against the council's decision to take his licence away following a "review" procedure led by the police under powers in the new licensing act. The meeting is to work out how best to make the case against him.


Ahhhh, a judicial review of the council's decision?

If so, that will not be on the merits of the case, but whether the council/police followed natural justice, was rational, etc. i.e. whether the council/police arrived at the decision they made properly.

If the court thinks the council/police did act improperly in arriving at its decision, it will simply send the case back to consider again properly.

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