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November 27, 2006


emily bell

Hi Dave - thanks for blogging this....also have to fess up that later in the piece I mentioned G Brown's miserable efforts. His blog though is a spoof - but so well done (ear-bleedingly dull) that I never got far enough into any of the posts to tell. So sorry Gordon - the corrections and clarifications column awaits....

Dave Hill

Funny piece, Em. And you're very brave to own up to your mistake. You wouldn't catch me doing a thing like that.


I couldn't get access to 'jockeyslut' - I think my kids have turned on the parental controls on my computer.


I came here to read intelligent comment ;-) and find myself clicking on a link to porn ... hmmmm ....
A bonus of sorts!


Dave Hill

I'm told by an emailer that "Jockeyslut" was also the name of a music magazine. There was a time when I'd have known that. Perhaps that's what Emily had in imnd, although if it was she never said so.


The 'Inner Tosser'? What a load of w**k! (sorry, couldn't resist). This flat-footed attempt to jump on the viral bandwagon is just plain sad.

Anybody wanting to learn what all the fuss is about virals could do worse than check out the First Post gallery at http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/index.php?menuID=5&subID=16 -

'Bush Pilot' http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/index.php?menuID=5&subID=197 currently tops my own list of Desert Island Virals, although 'Web 2.0' http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/index.php?menuID=5&subID=172 (winner of a recent First Post ad competition) is a very close contender.

And don't miss Graham Manson's 'Extreme Ways' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54rNB-q0hNI&mode=related Pretty catchy, huh? But then I am biased: Graham is a good friend of mine (and the subject matter is close to my heart).



Somehow my work PC (normally a very fastidious blocker) let me access the link.

Never has the back button been pressed so swiftly.

Baby Washington

I like the search categories on Jockeyslut:

Naked Wife
Nude Wife
Cheap Flights

The sex(o) I can cope with, but why ruin the environment? Hey?

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