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November 04, 2006



Beautifully put.

I can only speak for the England, the Netherlands and Germany, but I have also found that intellectual debate in England is different, somehow more light-footed and perhaps even of a higher calibre.

Still, I get the impression that of late the liberal culture you speak of is - as elsewhere - in retreat. Time for a fightback?

(English beer, however, is nothing to write home about. In my humble opinion.)

china blue

Liked the description of London - 'the city that contains the world'.

Excellent post in a most excellent series.


I remember when I felt like that.

Mad Munky

It's only when I left London (albeit temporarily) did I come to truly appreciate it. The people, the places, the wit, the history, the gob-ridden pavements and all.

Okay, maybe not the last part. The rest, definitely.



its the wry sense of humour..

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