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November 27, 2006



I'd much rather be gay in London than Bagdad- obviously. I think Iraqi gays and lesbians must have had a rough ride under Saddam. I think they were executing gays and lesbians in the national soccer stadium.

Now that the fundamentalists are taking over- well God help them.

I struggle to see how that is the American's or Brits fault- other than people who are so anxious to have the US pull out yesterday that the whole thing will crash and mentalists emboldened.

Why the support to beat the Serbs and none for free Iraq?


Kris the problem is that everyone supports a free Iraq but noone knows how to get there and the present approach of troops on teh ground doesn't seem to be working.

Great post from Sunny that you link to Dave- I think he makes the point very eloquently and thsi is a great manifesto.

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