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November 22, 2006


james higham

The Witham choice was astute from a purely 'win-the-seat' perspective.


You're pretty nasty. Bernhard was quoted by Ali, but did he say anything abour master race? Is Witham posh? What is the problem with Priti being a Euro-realist? Who are you to tell people what to think? I could go on. Stop slinging mud.


Interesting- on Barker I suspect both reactions are going on within the Tory membership- there are some who don't like the evasion, some who don't like the gay aspect but pretend its about the evasion and some who don't like the gay aspect fullstop. Having said that Alan Duncan seems never to have had a problem so I would have thought that the majority are all in the first two groups.

As to Patel, I disagree with Prague Tory, it is interesting to know that recently she advised another party on media relations and Hague on the pound. What it demonstrates though is something I'm beggining to hold, which is that the Euro is not an issue which divides the Tory party between right and left at all. Cameronistas are just as Euro-sceptic as IDS, the issue between them all is cultural. I don't know what Goldsmith's or Patel's cultural views are or were but those are the battlegrounds. Interesting post thought.

Dave Hill

Oh cheer up, Praguetory. I'm just trying to get a handle on what these developments might mean. What's "nasty" about that? I'm finding Cameron's attempts to reform Tory Party culture very interesting, not least because it's still far from clear how successful they will be. If he's sincere about it, I wish him well.


Dave - You were the star of your 18DS slot yesterday. Well informed, thoughtful, free thinking but provocative. Well done.

Stand by what I said above though.

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