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November 20, 2006



This is a really good document I think because it restates a central truth- that politics ultimately is about individuality. Every Muslim is not a Muslim but an individual. There is some really good stuff on identity in Amartya Sen's recent work. By the way he might be a good signatory to the document.

Matt M

Great manifesto.

You should learn from the Euston one though - it's not enough just to state that you're for certain values, you need to look at ways of creating some kind of concrete network or something to promote and argue for them in the long-term. Otherwise it risks being seen as a nice idea which didn't come to anything.

Baby Washington

I've put a link up over at Fisking Central. Good luck with it.

james higham

I don't want to rain on the parade, Dave but there there's one pesky problem which won't go away. Here where I live in peace and all religions live side by side [surely what you're aiming for], the dominant society is Muslim. In places where there's trouble, e.g. Britain, the dominant society is not Muslim. That's it. Allow Britain to be Muslim and all the trouble instantly disappears.

Clive Davis

Dave, I'm glad the document acknowledges the neglect of the white working class. A subject that's difficult to tackle without attracting accusations of racism...

Dave Hill

Hello and thanks for your observations. For the record I should say I wasn't involved in thinking up or writing the manifesto. I offered a few thoughts on tweaking and rephrasing but aside from that I was simply invited to sign and was glad to do so. For me its key strength is that it asserts both the right of people to be different and the value of diversity within a framework of values which are generous, fair-minded and encourage people to look outwards rather than inwards - the best things about British society throughout its recent history in my view.

Political umpire

Dave I think the document is a step in the right direction, though in my preliminary look at it there's insufficient detail, as well as a few fudges over some of the tricker points. But it's certainly on the right track. I shall look out for more.

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