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November 14, 2006



Of course they have racist idiots in Australia, as everywhere, and I maintain they're always best ignored. What concerns me more is that Fletcher seems obsessed with playing all of the 2005 squad, without rhyme or reason, and so we've already got Geriant Jones back and may yet be stuck with Gilo ahead of Monty. Noooooooooo! If Jones drops Ponting on 0 and Ponting gets 150 then any extra runs Jones gets will be immaterial. And if Monty takes several more wickets and concedes fewer runs then Giles' doughty qualities down the order will not be missed. When will Fletcher see sense?

Noosa Lee

Yes. I feel really ashamed when these sorts of incidents happen. There is a long established community of Sikhs in Australia. A single incident like this can do immense damage. Australian cities are now largely harmoniously cosmopolitan. This has not always been the case and this sort of event proves how fragile that harmony can be.

james higham

They have racist morons there too.

It's their 2nd home.

Miss Hacksaw

I love Monty so much. I'm waiting for the Sports Personality of the Year voting to open, as he gets mine every time. I'm off to the Ashes next month and will be quite appalled if Monty gets clobbered with racist comments over there. James is quite right - it is always best left ignored but it must be damn difficult when Shane Warne's steamrollering towards you with a ball in his hand.
Moving on: what do we make of Tresco going home?

Ms Baroque

Absolutely fantastic pic.


We have to get over outselves. There are racist morons *everywhere*, sadly. It becomes humor when people are so "out there" that they don't ever realize what they are saying, or how that would be received.


Interesting slip. Ha ha. I should have said 'ourselves'. Ahem.

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