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December 02, 2006



Tell her blind would be worse. Nobody is given a choice, so one has to make do, but deaf isn't really such a big deal once you get used to it. Independence isn't compromised.

Love the decor, BTW. Oddly, I have a friend just a few doors down with a similar scheme.


What a lovely empathetic post.


How old is Dolores, and what has been making her feel sad (am guessing you won't answer the second part of this qu, but am interested in the first)


When we were around Dolores' age my sister and I spent quite a bit of time collecting for causes, and worrying (really worrying) about the state of the world. She read aloud to me the biography of Helen Keller and the Von Trapp Family books. We played 'hiding from the German soldiers’ in my mother’s linen closet on a regular basis. My sister is middle aged now, and has a bit more emotional armor than she had then. She will always be more sensitive than most and still spends much of her time working for Peace. While I know she was a challenge to mum and dad (evidently there were some volume issues), I must say that her extreme empathy was an important example to me as a child. I was and am very proud of her.

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