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December 11, 2006


Noosa Lee

A fleeting glimpse of logic - how refreshing.

Ms Baroque

You know, of course children (and parents!) will be far better off in a happy, stable home with a loving relationship at the heart of it. But I shouldn't think there's much to be gained from growing up in a house with two parents who are together and hate each other.

The novelist Julie Myerson once wrote an article about her parents' divorce - back when parents didn't get divorced - saying that she was taunted in the playground with having come from a "broken home." She went home and said to her mum, "is it bad, to 'come from a broken home'?" And her mother replied, "it's not as bad as living in one."

And by the way, it could also be argued that "commitment to the relationship," is not the only thing that keeps one married. After all, it takes two. Or, despite "commitment" (and even perhaps "targets"), the relationship could simply fail.

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