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December 18, 2006


Ms Baroque

Wow! Greedy, cheap and dull! Dave, you mustn't hold back, just say what you think.

Funny, I was having a similar sort of train of thought last night while I sliced up the greens for dinner - about the "literati" & how everyone wants to be part of a literary culture but everyone also hates the smug, self-entitled people who make up its award-dinner-going apogee.

But I've been to wonderful things. I think in poetry it is a bit different, though of course poets are very much associated with PEN - because there isn't so much money involved, maybe, they can't get quite so puffed up.

Your cabbie sounds nice.

Dave Hill

I'll be reading some of your poetry soon, MsB...


Ah yes. I've formed similar opinions in the past. The abundance of plummy-voiced women in things such as literary agencies and the like is the one which always make me laugh. And now I remember why living in Manchester and missing out on most of these dos isn't such a bad thing after all...


The quiz questions were read out by Mariella Frostrup, who didn't seem terribly happy at certain points and I'd be interested to know if she took a fee. The posers about literature were mostly quite highbrow, so I sat there completely uselessly. The ones about celebrity were delivered in a manner designed to appeal to audience snobbery, especially a cheap gag at the expense of Big Brother's Jade. La di-da.

Oh, am I glad I have the authorial imagination and writing abilities of a sea anemone. Did anyone heckle them?

Dave Hill

Sadly, Bridgey, no serious heckling at all. As for your sea anemone comparison - enough of your modesty!

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