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December 03, 2006


Noosa Lee

As always calm and thoughtful. We are all on the frontline with this now and I do think we have to challenge each and every instance of bigotry and threat to our freedom of expression. I also think we must support, in numbers, our institutions coming under increased pressure. It is completely unacceptable to allow bigots to influence the lives of young children. This is where having the courage of our convictions is so important. We all know what is the right thing to do in these circumstances and must stand together and face down those who would use underhand means like turning our tolerance and desire for cooperation against us to achieve their selfish aims.

Matt M

'The Conservative Soul' is definitely on my Xmas list. Along with a certain other book.


james higham

...It concerned the mothers of two Muslim pupils and the pressures they are placing on the school leadership...

It's the same story over and over, Dave. You, as a Brit, want us to be all-accepting and we are - to those willing to recognize which country they're in and to those working to help improve it and to take their places in the infrastructure of it. But that's not what such people quoted above are doing and no manifesto is going to alter what they're hell-bent on. It saddens me to see good people thinking that petitions and manifestos can do anything in dealing with intransigent people who have zero desire to assimilate. It's quite sad because it puts us at odds with each other too and I don't want that.


Yeah Andrew Sullivan's Conservative Soul.

I can't help but think he's trying to convince himself he's a conservative, rather than trying to explain how Bush and the evangelicals stole Reaganite conservatism.

He seems to forget that the chief protagonists in the Bush administration, have been around the Republican party since Nixon, never-mind Reagan. He's an economic liberal, so what? So are the libertarians, and they shift politically all the time.

The only reason Sullivan, who I very much like, defines himself as a Republican, and not a Democrat, is that the Dems are such a shiftless bunch of glass-backs. I want the Dems in power because they are politically optimistic (see the great P.J. O'Rourke, who argued, "The Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work and then they get elected and prove it."), but if I had a vote in the US, I'd never, ever, register as a Democrat.

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