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December 17, 2006


Sue George

I too have been invited to fewer (not none, however) media parties this year. What do you think that's about then? Are companies all cutting costs and worried about their profits?


"This year, I've been thankful for something else as well - not being invited to a single media party. What stupider way is there to relate to other people, including those you like? What kind of night out is better guaranteed to end with the feeling you'd have sooner stayed at home?"

I picked an argument with Alan Rusbridger at the Guardian Student Media Awards. Enough, as they say, said.

Dave Hill

Sue: Yes!

Chris: I think I'll stay well out of that one!

Ms Baroque

Yep, it's not easy. This is my ninth single Christmas, and now the boys are out partying all weekend, only to come home looking shattered at 9pm tonight saying, "If you give me some money I can go buy presents." I don't even have the tree up yet, and I'm back to work in the morning. Still, it all usually works out somehow.

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