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December 09, 2006


Noosa Lee

I've also experienced Muslim children playing and singing Christmas carols in a church with their parents watching on proudly. It would be nice if we could get over this - I agree.

Ms Baroque

Dave, sounds great. Alas, at William Patten I never got to witness my kids dressed as shepherds till the third one was in Year Six - it used to be African folk tales all the way, cute as those are...

But you know, well I've been over this ground before.


There was a good thing about this on one of those R4 topical comedy things today.

Apparently the quoted example of Brimingham council replacing Xmas with "winterval" is in fact 8 years old. It actually happened just once, in 1998, and hasn't been repeated.

Sue George

Great post Dave. This "Christmas can't be celebrated any more" is just the usual Daily Mail twaddle and your children's experiences (similar to my own son's 10-15 years earlier) are happy and positive ones. Multicultural life - as most of us who live it know - is a great improvement on how things used to be.

china blue

Your daughter's description of multiculturalism is perfect.

james higham

Clare is right about it being 8 year's old and it's getting worse. See Clive Davis' post on the matter. Then there is the Wren Chapel affair. Sydney has banned Christmas decorations in the streets. I'm afraid it's more than just 'Daily Mail twaddle'.

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