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December 05, 2006


Rachel North

Thanks mate. I have linked you and bigged up the book, if you want me to review it I am happy to...

Noosa Lee

Yep, those positive partnerships are just the ticket for defeating those who are seeking to harm us. Hiding behind the sofa also works.


This war was framed as a "holy war", not by the US or the UK- but by the WTC bombers and Osama Bin laden.

And our response? We wince when the enemy are called "islamofascists", yet that is what they are, they've said it themselves. They will not rest until there is a green flag over parliament.

Yet anytime a leader speaks about this issue, they are labelled "islamophobic". Give me a bona fide break!

Do people REALLY believe if we hand over the keys to Iraq and Afganistan it will be all peace and love? Maybe on our part, until the next passenger plane or tube train is blown up by a sad inadequate looking to add a bit of meaning to his pathetic little life.

Vandals don't give a shit about foreign policy

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