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January 18, 2007



Hi Dave

I found you quite recently, via the Petite Anglaise site.

Was interested, because you are the only blogger that I know of that has more children than me!

Also, my plan is to start writing my first novel this year so love to find bloggers who write books!
I have a long Christmas reading list at the moment, as well as being in a play, working and broadcasting and stuff, and,found Boob Pencil's blog and book first. As soon as I am through that lot though, I'l buy book. It looks good.

Political Umpire

1. Britain celebrated 'Jade Goody' as a woman of absolutely no recognisable talent, limited intelligence and much more limited social standards. They loved her coarse, loudmouth, estuary blatherings and her readiness to remove her clothes etc.

2. Ms Goody was put in a situation where, as Germaine Greer and others observed, cliques and bullying naturally form. Her rudeness and coarseness suddenly didn't seem so appealing when it turned into bullying. As Greer observed, if Shilpa had been the same ethnicity the baying Goody & Co would still have attacked her just as much.

3. Perhaps the great British public might think again about whom it elevates to 'celebrity' status.

Dave Hill

Hi Sally, and welcome. I'll be in touch again a.s.a.p.

Thanks P-Ump. I'm with you most of the way. Let's hope the nation learns something from this. Should I hold my breath?

Political Umpire


But you should read China Blue's post on the matter. Liz of Lafemme Contraire and of course the Germaine Greer article are worth a look too.

I'm modest enough not to plug my own post on the issue but China Blue said this to me which I would endorse:

"I think that for too long, the idea of 'self expression' and 'being real' have been associated with acting like caged monkeys who throw their faeces at people, just because they can.

Manners, self-respect and respect for other people have never hindered my self expression. Being nice to people doesn't make me fake, either.

Does anyone else wonder what went wrong between my generation and the last?"

I wonder, for one. And she is certainly a lady capable of fairly forthright expression without sinking to the level of the likes of BB contestants!

Dave Hill

I'll do all those thing P-Ump. Just as soon as I've done everything else! Thanks.

David B

Goody's racism seems to be just part of her general stupidity and yet teacher friends of mine tell me that she has been idolised by many schoolchildren for years. If this episode finally opens their eyes and makes them turn to better role models, I say the whole thing has been well worth it.

For the life of me, however, I can't understand how her even dimmer boyfriend can claim to be in training to be a football agent! Never having met one, I really can't believe they're that dim!

Political umpire

Goody proved my point after being evicted. She was adamant that she was not racist, and that she hadn't meant those comments in a racist manner.

In that case, given what she said, she must be (i) ignorant (ii) stupid or (iii) both. Which comes back to what I said about her enjoying celebrity status all along.

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