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January 10, 2007



Little Misbah may wonder if she should have been careful what she prayed for-

I reckon the novelty might just wear off as soon as dad arranges her marriage in the next year or too.

Dave Hill

That's it, Kris. Look on the bright side.


Just a realist Dave- it's their culture and that's what she's bought into.

I don't think she's going to have her cake and eat it.


Also, thank goodness that mom has been driven to the brink and ground down by an ex with cash to burn on lawyers?

Dave Hill

No. Thank goodness there's now a chance of all concerned reaching a settlement enabling Misbah to be on good terms with both of her parents and they with her. If it is the case that her mum only opted out of a court battle because she hadn't the strength or resources to fight one then that is a bad reason, but I still think it will be to her (the mum's) benefit in the end. A protracted and ugly court battle would surely have made things worse for her as well as all others concerned. This way, at least they will all sit around a table - even if only a metaphorical one - and try to make peace rather han war.

Tim Footman

I tend to agree with Dave. It's a pretty sad tale, but this seems to be the least bad solution. However, the story about her being educated in a pro-Taleban madrassa (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,25689-2541433,00.html) does give pause for thought. And, yes, I know this story comes from the devoutly neocon Murdoch stable, but I think it's still worthy of contemplation.

Dave Hill

Hello Tim. This development is dramatic and, on the face of it, disturbing though at this distacne we might be wise not to read too much into the wilfullness of a troubled adolescent.

P.S. Can't get your link to The Times to work. This one to Daily India tells the same story.



yeeeessss, why do I get the feeling that this is not the last we will hear of little Misbah.

Dave Hill

A Radio 4 programme about her is scheduled for next Wednesday at (I think) 1.30 p.m. It features interviews with her, her father and her siblings in Pakistan. I asked for a preview copy of it earlier today but was told these had been made available only to the Sundays for now. So there should be some interesting coverage at the weekend. However, today's events have entailed some rapid re-editing by the programme's producer - and maybe by the Sunday hacks too. What a girl.


A 12 yr old girl is wearing a burka, face mostly covered, and signed up at a pro-Taliban madrassa, her father says its up to her as she is an adult (I say again - she is 12) and this is a result!

I saw part of an interview with her on the news tonight - I hope it was the editting, but the tone when she spoke about her mother, referring to her as 'she' was very worrying.

Freud would love it all of course, its always the mother...

Some of us are not surprised at this, the signs were always there that this is how it was going to go.


Ah Dave, are you sure you don't want to amend your "thank goodness for this" in light of the Guardian's own report that little Misbah is/was in the hands of a 56 year old terrorist rather than her father.

And that her father apparently didn't think it was a big deal until he woke up to the fact that the custody hearing is on Wednesday, the shit has hit the fan in the British press and that while, HE may think she's an adult at 12, Missy may be on her way back to Scotland after all...

I was going to say, who could have known. But even I was not so cynical to think that she'd be hooked up with a 56 year old man so soon. I thought 40 tops. Not in my wildest dreams did I think her father would allow her to be off with a man connected to al-Qaeda. Aren't I silly!

Given that little Misbah hasn't turned out to be the poster child for Dad's and Islamic cultural rights that you thought, will you be revising your comments?

Dave Hill

My short answer to your question, Kris, is no. That's because I was thanking goodness that the residence issue wasn't going to be fought tooth and nail through the courts, which I doubt would have been best for Misbah or her mother.

The whole madrassa thing is unclear. There have been reports contradicting the one you refer too, like this one...

and this one...


So who knows what's really going on? The point you need to address is that the child herself is quite clear that she hates the thought of living with her mother and her mother's partner. This problem will not go away by calling her dad a nasty Muslim baddie. As for Misbah being made an Islamist poster girl and so on, you know perfectly well I wouldn't want that - you scamp!


it ain't the dad that is a "nasty muslim baddie"- it's the 56 year old man that dad is letting her (as an adult, mind!) hang out with who is!


You just gotta wonder- surely little Missy must have been in correspondence with our 56 year old friend before she went to Pakistan (perhaps HE is the real reason for her dogged persistence).

Otherwise, she struck up that little friendship pretty quickly...

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