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February 17, 2007



snot of nerds?



a fluster of nerds

a snot of geeks

Dave Hill

Thank you, Littlebear. How delightful. Me, I prefer "a charm of hummingbirds." But I'm just a geek - one of a snot.


sorry - raised by wolves.


evidently a rout of wolves


A thought just struck me (thunk).

Erm, 'geek' means 'technology fanatic' in the UK just as it does here, right? Please tell me it doesn't mean something completely different in English-English (a language that I look forward to learning someday).


Origami has lots of practical applications, from packing telescopes efficiently into rocket payloads to creating sterile containers which can be opened without sterile and non-sterile surfaces touching. The latest issue (2007-02-19) of The New Yorker magazine has a very interesting article by Susan Orlean about physicist-turned-origami professional Robert J. Lang. His web-page is here:


Orlean's article is here:



I was beginning to worry about my husband who is spending quite a lot of time paper folding - but he bears some resemblance to both your son and the 'physicist turned origami professional' that Peter's comment refers to above. He's a chemist turned IT prof who disappears into 'deeply private fantasy world' of origami, building model ships... Exactly, gratified or perturbed, not sure I can say either.

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