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February 12, 2007


Miss Hacksaw

That's appalling. I remember this happening in the 80s at the pool in Isleworth that opened there, and am shocked to see it's still going on. Did you try out the London Fields lido before it closed for the winter?



You sound suprised by Hackney Council's continued breathtaking and wild incompetence...

Dave Hill

It's such a shame these old shortcomings are continuing when things have improved so much in other ways.

Nope, didn't get to the Lido though I'm told it's lovely. Maybe I'll go in the summer by which time my body will have been transformed into a work of art and so on....

Dave Hill

Hello Kris. To be fair it's not the council running the centre but Greenwich Leisure and they do seem to be quite a big improvement on Leisure Connection which was running it before. That said, the council does have a responsibility for ensuring that services are up to scratch. This post has been forwarded to the relevant person at the Town Hall and he is investigating.

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