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February 03, 2007



I recycled the envelope that held the mid term grades. I swear, I meant no harm! Since he didn't bring back the envelope, he did't get his end of term grades sent home yesterday. I'll now have to go in -- taking time off from work -- and grovel so he *won't* get a detention and *will* get his grades. All about a five cent envelope.


But didn't we have homework 5 TIMES a week when we were in Primary 5 and 6? I seem to remember that.

mad muthas

hello - lovely to meet you. thanks for the cake.

Ms Melancholy

I remember complaining regularly in years 5 & 6 that the children were getting too much homework. The response was always the same: government guidelines stipulate 30 minutes a day for this age group, and most parents were, apparently, requesting more, not less, homework. Presumably in a bid to ensure that their children did well in their SATS. The amount of homework given often prevented us from doing 'fun' things in the evening: fun things which may not have improved my child's SATS results but would certainly have had an impact on his general well being. You made the point in one of your TV appearances (!): the education system appears to have abandoned any commitment to children's emotional and psychological development in a bid to improve their academic achievement. The two should never be mutually exclusive. I would encourage you to make your views known to the school. I'm sure you do that already, however.

Ms Melancholy

Ah, just realised that you are quoting someone else! Whatever, it still applies...

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