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March 31, 2007


Jane Henry

First time I saw the Great Dame in action in the days before he or (in fact she) was a great dame, was in a BBC Shakespeare of Macbeth. Ian Mckellern played opposite Judi Dench, and the sexual scenes crackled so much (that even though I was a mere innocent thirteen when I saw it!) it was quite a shock to discover that actually he wasn't into dames...

even dame Judis.

Haven't they both done well!

Seriously though. I adore Ian Mckellern. Was he on the national treasure list?

If not, he should be...

And he and Judi Dench did a splendid job with Macbeth and made Shakespeare accessible to a whole bunch of thirteen year olds who might have otherwise thought, NAAAA... not for me...


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