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March 20, 2007


Ms Baroque

Funny, I'm feeling cheered up already! Make mine no-fat.

Noosa Lee

Thanks Dave - I am finally able to see the funny side. As long as the sandwich is not peanut butter I should be OK.

Dave Hill

MsB: Just lettuce then? Pul-eeese!

Noosa: Not peanut butter? Would that be not crunchy or not smooth?

Ms Baroque

Dave, may you never get gallstones! The merest possibility of triggering another attack like that is more than enough inducement to the plain fish and rice. Even the antibiotics they give you are the worst I've ever had, & they're not over yet.

You wait, though: the weight's already dropping off me. I'll be in my size 12s before you know it. All I need now is to be able to get through the morning without lying down...

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