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March 29, 2007


Big Chip Dale

I find it very hard to believe that dentists don't choose to charge for treatment. My dentist did everything they could to ensure I lost my NHS status and I now I pay for everything including the pink mouth wash.

Incidentally, I think you’ve managed to find the only picture of a dentist without hairy nostrils.

Jane Henry

I really hate to disillusion you Big Chip Dale, but the people setting the fees for NHS dentistry ain't the dentists but the government.

However you have hit on a truism. All dentists are very hairy indeed. You know that Angela Carter thing about men whose eyebrows meet in the middle? She was in fact describing dentists, and not as you might have imagined, werewolves.

Best wishes
The Dentist's Wife
Who incidentally will have hell to pay when the Dentist wakes up to the fact that she's written about him...

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