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March 14, 2007



When I had my first child sixteen and a half years ago, i was buisly showing off her wonderful prowess to my health visitor.

Her response was - by the time they are five most children will be able to walk, talk, eat without help and will be dry ngith and day..............

Brilliant! It put everything into perspective for me and I ahve often thought back to her wise and slightly tongue in cheek words............

As for the rest..........


There are better things to be spending public money on! Let's worry about any 16 year olds who leave school not reading and writing properly first!

China Blue

Couldn't agree more.

time for tea and cake

What would the data be used for? Who would keep it? What are 'they' looking for? What if said baby/child didn't 'pass'?

Wasn't this done, in a european country, o, about the time of WW11?

Scary, or what?


It's all a bit slack, if you ask me. Where's the attainment target for APGAR scores then?


I dunno guys. My GP always did a few checkies with my chickie just to make sure that everything was as it should be. Depending on how this is done, it could catch some things that would be best caught early. Like deafness, for instance.

Funny note, my doctor was worried when my little boy wasn't rolling over on schedule. He kept his eye on me ( I didn't realize )for the length of the checkup. He finally just couldn't stand it and blew his stack. Mommie, he said, if you don't PUT THAT BABY DOWN for two seconds, he'll never get a *chance* to roll over. (Oops)

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