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April 27, 2007


Noosa Lee

Well Dave. If there is a remake of One Foot in the Grave in the offing, you are a shoo in, or perhaps that should be shoe in.

china blue

Goodness Dave, you *do* look like Richard Wilson. I don't believe it...

Dave Hill

I think I may be regreting this....

Zinnia Cyclamen

I hope you don't drive in that hat.


For a second I thought you meant something else -- I mean you have no choice but *white*, my friend. Then I clicked thru.


Dave Hill

Funny, I thought I looked rather rakish...ah well.


very rakish for a white guy.


I've got it - you look like Nicholas Fairbairn. Look: http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g68/almaxp/nfair.jpg

Ms Baroque

Well Dave I think this is a charming photo.

I think there is definitely a different expression we use when little kids are taking the picture, isn't there - because of not being sure whether the top of our head or whatever will actually be in the picture... in this case you were in luck, we can see your whole hat!

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