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April 04, 2007


Amanda Wheatland

I have been home educating my two children of 6 & 8 since Sept last year and we are loving it. A friend of mine whose child attends the school they used to go to was telling me about the parents evening. She said when she looked at her daughters books (year 3 child) she was amazed at how much had been covered, when she asked her daughter questions on the things she had studied she remembered nothing! (she is a bright child too) My friend said that she thought that the NC was too intense and that it did not give the children time to absorb what they were learning as the teachers have such alot to cover. This was one of the reasons I chose to Home Ed because the children could learn at their own pace and in a much more hands on way. My two seem to remember so much more because we do many educational visits and workshops. They don't spend alot of time writing but they spend alot of time doing.
Pesonally I feel that because so much has to be squeezed into a school day many children get left behind with the basics of literacy and numeracy, and if you can't master them your life choices are severely limited. Getting left behind was another reason why we opted out of school, my two were at the bottom for maths and literacy, they were already feeling failures, they measured themselves against the others in their class and were becoming demoralised. My son still talks about being in the group for children with no brains! He used to come home from school and cry and say he was stupid because he couldn't read or write at the age of 5!
Since home educating he is going from strength to strength with his literacy and it is all happening in a very relaxed non pressured way. It's a sad society when a child of 5 feels a failure, and if schools continue they way they are many children will continue to feel this way.

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