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April 22, 2007


Political umpire

Oh dear, you have my sympathy. Same thing has caused me to spend the last week in a deal of misery. Much better to have it when you're a child.


Not nice at all - I hope all is okay now


Bonus points. I had my son immunised, mostly because his brothers had no fun with 'em some years earlier - but now I find that I may have made him vulnerable to getting them as an adult(!) Can't win.

Dave Hill

Thanks all. Sorry you've been suffering, P-Ump. Sixthborn got very spotty but thankfully was only miserable with it for a couple of days. Have you been admiring my glamour photo image on this post btw?


okay, so had to then go and look. Bah ha ha ha ha! You've missed your career as a model! The photographer, of course, was brilliant.

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