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April 20, 2007


Jane Henry

Dave, and I mean this MOST sincerely.... any help you need in a)having editorial eye and b)in put on self publishing. I'd better not mention names on a public blog, but the comic relief option seems pricey to me, the one I chose had its problems and I am much taken with a company i met at the LBF whose name resembles plant found underneath the gallows... sooo all I am saying is that if you want any help am v glad to give it. Otherwise will go and sit in the corner and sulk.

Ps You are completely bonkers. Whenis the FA Cup Final???

But I do know what you mean about deadlines...

Big Chip Dale

Good luck Dave. 40,000 words in just less than a month? I'm behind you all the way. I take it that there'll be room for at least one gangly striker in the book?


Fucking hell,

You've written shitloads of blog entries today...

I can't keep up...


Calm down. Do-a-Michael-Winner.


Way to go, Dave. That's both bonkers and inspirational. And the fact you've been planning it for ages surely makes it a teensy bit more doable, n'est-ce pas? Hopefully it will just flow onto the page like...holy water?

Best of luck!
Kate x

liz fenwick

Cheering you all the way!!



Bonkers. Brilliant. Dave, get sponsorship for this - people raise thousands for running a marathon and this strikes me as even harder. An entire novel in a month? Good luck, and early congratulations too.


Great stuff, Dave but what's the angle?

Dave Hill

Many thanks for your kind words and questions. I intend posting little progress reports as I go along and maybe a few tiny extracts if it seems a good idea. These should provide a few clues to what the hell it is I think I'm doing...


I've read this a couple of times now and I think you're bonkers. But I'm glad that you are.
If you'd like to use my blog - perhaps a guest post nearer the time - please please do.

Good luck.

Noosa Lee

Who do you think you're kidding? You're an absolute powerhouse. You'll get it done. I hope you're planning on posting some soon.


It's massively do-able Dave, provided you've the stamina. But it seems you do - and though the first two weeks will be the easiest, especially if you get about 2000 words down a day - there'll obviously be a lot of moral support from Blogistan. Good luck!

Also: http://www.nanowrimo.org/

National Novel Writing Month.

(I tried. Stalled at 35,000 words.)

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