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April 27, 2007


Jane Henry

Dave, I think it's great. And you made me laugh... which is always a neat trick.

Look forward to seeing some more!

Blimey you've got your work cut out.

There's me thinking I might just get another 12000 words under my belt in the next four weeks - by your way of calculating about 24 ish scenes. But then you're probably more disciplined then I am!

Dave Hill

Thank you Jane. Remember, though - these are the outpourings of a sick and twisted man...

Jane Henry

and it doesn't show. It's right up my alley anyway, so I look forward to some more outpourings soon...


Brill. I laughed out loud.

Keep it coming, Mr Hill.

liz fenwick

Wonderful....still chuckling :-)

Noosa Lee

I really like this Dave. Even with this short excerpt, I want to know more about these people and this town.

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