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April 16, 2007



Texas? With the exception of the redoubt of Austin and possibly parts of San Antonio, Texas doesn't really count as America. Think of it as a seperate country. Please.

This kind of belief system is not unheard of in the South, but overall across the country, it is fairly rare. At least in this very extreme form.

Zinnia Cyclamen

Very interesting. I liked your article about home ed in the Family Guardian last Sat (that was you, wasn't it?)

Dave Hill

I've drawn a borderline round Texas on my globe, little bear.

Thanks Zinnia - yes, that was me.

Ann Newstead

"the range of possible outcomes of the state having less control over what and where children are taught".. not sure where you are going with this one! How is teaching one world view, to the exclusion of others at home, any different to schools teaching another world view, to the exclusion of others, at school? In school, evolution is "fact" and religion "fiction". In this family's home, evolution is "fiction" and religion is "fact". Two opinions. Guess home educators would say that at least the parent gets the choice, at home. Careful though of drawing any parallels between US and UK home education - we are more than a "pond" apart... :0)

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