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April 02, 2007



Well said!


This is exactly why the Tories are known as the nasty party and why your conservative attitudes remain outdated and ridiculous. Here you are an intelligent man commenting about something and yet you have to compare this black man with any other black man you can think of. What on earth has Shaun got to do with James Brown - they both held conservative view points and are black. Its like comparing Blair to John Lennon.... INANE AND RASCIST.


Correction: I do apologise, in my rage I didn't finishe the article. I see you aren't in fact a Tory which makes it even worse. You are just showing HOW entrenched rascism is in the British psyche.

Dave Hill

Weird. First the thread on my CiF piece about black kids, slavery and education gets hijacked by genetic determinists, now lawbunny gets hold of the wrong end the stick over here. How depressing.


One point that was overlooked in the Patrick Mercer row was whilst his comments could be construed as offensive and were certainly misjudged,having ginger hair is synonymous with white people, as very few, if any, black people have ginger hair. So a taunt about ginger hair is partly a taunt about skin colour, thereby making the treatment between people with different skin colour almost equal.


I really enjoyed reading your article as I am currently writing an essay for my university degree which combines English Lit and journalism. I have to do a discourse analysis on 2 articles within which I can also write about theories and issues such as ideology and identity. i have chosen to write about the article written on shaun bailey from the times a few weeks ago and had chosen the second to compare it to until I stummbled across this, which really interests me. could u give me some more information on this site, as i am a little confused about whether the article is from a newspaper. was this published in the guradian? thanks in advance

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