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April 19, 2007



Blue. Very blue. Lucky sod ;)

Miss Hacksaw

Hah. I thought my laptop had frozen and caused there to be a wacky blue screen where a picture should be. Then I remembered that I got sunburned during a balcony-based meeting this afternoon and realised what it was. Beautiful day.

Big Chip Dale

It could just be my monitor but I think I can detect slight cloudiness in the upper left quadrant.

Dave Hill

Thank you Chip, but enough about your tiits. How about a comment on my sky?

Thank you Duck and Ms H too. BTW, Ms H have you looked at my Hackney blog Claptonian yet?

Miss Hacksaw

Hi Dave - I hadn't looked at it, but have done now and have added Claptonian to my blogroll. Hope you're doing ok.


Ms Baroque


Shockinly I don't think I even looked at the sky yesterday, so mired in my newly-rediscovered rat race was I. But I did discover that the crazy South American place next to Seven sisters station does GREAT coffee.

Today I will look at the sky.

Hm. Looks cloudy. Dave, thanks for the picture!

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