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May 13, 2007


Big Chip Dale

A flutter?


A fanclub of course...

Jane Henry

A Fidget?

(well mine would...)

Big Chip Dale

How dumb am I? You type flutter and I offer flutter... So, how about a squadron? Formation flying of course.

Dave Hill

How about "a frenzy"? Which they were for a brief but very squeally period.


a giggle or a glitz


or a flitter or a fey of faeries


Some great ideas here! Fairymum's suggestion of a "fey of faeries" is closest but mixes up two terms.

FAYS, or FAIRIES OF ROMANCE are beings of the human race, but endowed with powers beyond those usually allotted to men. These, of course, are not to be confused with that other branch of Fairy Folk, namely ELVES or POPULAR FAIRIES.

Faerie signifies the people of Fairy-land and comes as close as you can get to a collective noun for fairies. [Unfortunately, a "faerie of fairies" doesn't trip off the tongue with ease, does it?]

But it's all here in black and white. It must be true!


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