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May 07, 2007



Ah yes, I was once told about the importance of power dressing at work. I pooh-poohed the idea, convinced that I should be judged on my work, not the clothes I wore.

I was wrong.

People judge by what they see.

Marketing people are sometimes wrong though, and I will be put off books with covers that are gaudy or busy or suggest lack of intellect. I like subtle.

Jane Henry

From an ex ed's pov, it always goes tits up when marketing lead the charge, but if they can be roped in then it works well. The best person at doing that in my view was Patrick Janson Smith when he was at Transworld. He made the marketing dept READ (good lord) all the books and get behind them. And the results showed. Transworld weren't no 1 for so long for no reason...

Methinks the small indpendents like Quercus are probably the best place for marketing free editorial led zones now...

love j


The marketing department at Atlantic Books is brilliant, possibly because it doesn't have a massive budget. But they've worked with us all along the way on Swinesend and with good results.

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