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May 17, 2007



My only contact with Mr Reid has been via his appearances on TV, mostly Newsnight. I have no way of knowing whether he is sober or not on these occasions. However, he has always, without exception, impressed me as a big bully, the sort of macho, drunken idiot you find in pubs, unwilling to allow another person to get a word in, and throwing his weight around generally. The story is not at all surprising.

The effect of such bullying is always the precise opposite of what the bully desires, since bullying is counter-productive both as a management tool and as a technique for rhetorical persuasion. Moreover, every person like this I have met is also a quickly-folding coward when others respond in kind.

I can't imagine Reid would ever appeal electorally to anyone but other bullies. I expect that, after counting the likely bully vote within the party and in the country at large, he decided his chances of election were limited. Damn good thing too!

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