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May 02, 2007


Jane Henry

Dave, I hope it isn't the death of you... you might cause me a serious injury by making me laugh so much though.

Serious coffee cup moment there!!

I love the Alpha Mail!

You are bonkers....



Sir, your doctor may advice you that this self-destructive bout of high-pressure masochism ought to stop.

I, on the other hand, reckon it suits you and believe - sorry, but it's true - it brings out the best in you. It's punchy, well-timed, lovely details and with a snappy wit.

In other words: I never piss myself with laughter when reading. I did today. At work. So keep it up.

*Waddles off to refreshen himself and clean his chair

liz fenwick

Chuckling away here...when do we get the next taster?

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