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May 29, 2007



I think he must have some sort of a point about the disenfranchised right. Look how many people read the Telegraph, Mail and Sun. The papers of the right dominate the written media.


I sometimes think that Guardian readers, and I would call myself one, live in a dreamy bubble , in which they think that their liberal progressive ideas should be imposed (by a dictatorship?) on UK society.
Just the Daily Mail itself sells 6 times more copies than the Guardian, and I am sure it knows its readers very well.
I also think that the Guardian journalists (yourself excepted!) just don't get away from London enough.
The Daily Mail is soothing, and a good read if not an intellectual one.

Some Guardian journalists and leaders bore the pants off me with constant blue-scare digs at the Daily Mail ..in reality they are attacking the free thought of the comfortable bungalow dweller....intellectual snobbery??
I am always reminded of the Liberal leader - was it Paddy?- saying "go back to your constitutuencies and prepare for power" ( ironic that this may well be the outcome in 2 years time,albeit shared power..) I think the liberal high tax utopia is some way away.

Dave Hill

There's some interesting data somewhere which reveals - I think - that there are more Mail readers who vote Labour than Guardian ones. In fairness to the Guardian re. it's attitude to the Mail, the Mail never ceases attacking the Guardian either. And to the Guardian's credit it does not deploy reporters to investigate the personal lives of Mail journalists...


Interesting data on Labour voters (not that I mentioned Labour)who read the Mail c.w. the Guardian. Perhaps Mail readers don't vote Liberal"the anything you want us to be party", because they're not.
Nice pic in Guido Fawkes of one of the pupils in my grammar school while I was in attendance...
Another reason to shut down Grammars...


Another take on it http://labourleftforum.blogspot.com/2007/06/conservatives-endorse-blairism.html

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