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May 06, 2007



You're one up on me. In approximately the same ammount of time, I *still* can't get a video to appear. I can insert the URL, but not get the pretty picture to come up.

In your vid, I love how the kids (who have probably been asked to stand still) get to where they must pop straight up in place with excitement.
Very cute.

Ann Newstead

Your children must be very proud of their Dad's technological accomplishments ;0) who says you can't teach an old (sheep) dog new tricks...

never managed YouTube, but HAVE managed to imbed video - our kid's first HE project...


If all hoodies were as cute, I might be tempted to hug one. Not that you see many in the middle-class ghetto I live in:


This video reminded me of the priceless ISIHAC (vol 6) radio version of 'One Man and His Dog'.

And if you haven't a clue what I'm wittering on about:



Why didn't the ducks fly away?

Dave Hill

Years of training, Robert, I suppose.

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