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May 20, 2007


Jane Henry

Hmm... Tony Blair's easy charm was what put me off him in 1997. Don't get me wrong, I thought we needed a change, but I also never trusted that Cheshire Cat grin (I think it was probably the fact that Cherie had an identical one...)

Gordon I think probably possesses a great deal of integrity and believes in what he is doing. I'm not sure his beliefs chime in with mine, but I would never vote for him on the basis of sexiness or otherwise. In fact the recent clumsy attempts to woo women have got right up my nose.

The boy David annoys me because he is trying to be all things to all men, so I can't go with him.

The Emperor Ming lost it for me by his machiavellian attempts to earn his crown...

SO, yes I'm an undecided female voter. Plus ca change, I usually am.

I think the way to get women's vote is to go local though. We do tend to be heavily involved in the communities we live in. I'd rather go on a protest to stop Tescos building a hypermarket then an anti war demo - I think I can do something about the former, but I am cynical about what I can do on the latter.

In the recent council elections I voted for Lib Dem/Labour on the basis that our ruling Resident Association party are totally self serving and I knew two of the candidates personally. I'll probably vote our Tory MP in next time, less because of his party's policies and more because he has spent five years campaigning to keep our local hospital open.

Cultivate your garden...

I'm with Voltaire, me.

Zinnia Cyclamen

David Cameron? Crumpet??? Ewwwwwwww!!!!! I feel sick.

As you can see, considered political analysis is not my forte. ;-)

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